Thursday, January 3, 2013

Doing it...Methodically

I thought I'd try something new and take my time, proceed step-by-step, and maybe learn something about drawing, painting, and digital art. Still aglow from my encounter with Les Mis, I scrounged around for an old sheet of watercolor paper. (Paper? It's from one of those Arches "blocks." Maybe it's watercolor "board"? I am not an expert at 2D art.) Here's my line art, drawn from a photo reference in Vogue, and scanned in:
The paper looked white until I saw it on the screen. Hmm.

Oh no! Her left eye (on the right) is migrating north. Maybe her hair is tied up too tightly on that side. Now I can mess around with Gimp, and play with backgrounds, brushes, patterns, shading, etc...and likely have a few sessions of tear-my-hair-out spasticivity. Computers and I do not generally get along. At least I know that after some freakout, I can calm down by spreading some watercolor paint on the original. 

Aaaiieee! An unrelated freakout! Handsome just walked in from the auto parts store to report how much the new Jetta battery cost! It's from Germany. It must have traveled here in first class!

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