Saturday, December 1, 2012

Notes on Danielson's Framework...

Yesterday was a Superintendent's Conference Day. No students, or rather, the staff became the students. We started off with a wonderful breakfast. Our cafeteria manager is the best--nothing like my childhood school meal memories ever passeth over his counter. (Anyone else recall stewed tomatoes with small hunks of soggy bread in them? or The Hot Meat Sandwich: 2 pieces of white bread enclosing a slab of Spam and a gray gravy over top? Please!)

Then three hours of "Danielson," presented by these two BOCES* instructors:

You can see that I did, indeed take careful notes.The portrayals might not be absolutely, completely representational, (Hey! They were moving around!) but they are my impression of the presenters.

And upon opening to this page today, my first thought: It sure is easy to spot a teacher. They just look like teachers!
Oh. And then lunch was even better than breakfast. 

*Board of Cooperative Educational Services

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