Monday, November 12, 2012

Progress on Two Fronts! Portraiture & Rituxan

Beautiful day. Instead of a jog at the gym, we went for a long walk through the village and down to the river. It was very breezy, very dry--not a cloud in the sky. On the return trip, we stopped to chat with some neighbors who were doing yard work (unexpected yard work, because who ever thought that in mid-November it would be 68 degrees?!?)

...and it suddenly hit me...

I was able to talk! To breathe comfortably! On an average day, after a few minutes of walking, my mouth is so dry that I cannot speak because my lips are stuck to my teeth and my tongue to the roof of my mouth. Ugh. On a dry and windy day like today, speaking is so out of the question that I look for ways to avoid people, and conversation.

In the past, I have not been very good about keeping track of Sjogren's Syndrome symptoms pre- and post-Rituxan treatments. Maybe because they are usually anything but profound. But this, today, was enormous. (And I'm sure completely uninspiring and confusing to those without Sjogren's Syndrome.) But believe me, it's big. Thumb's Up for Rituxan infusions!

On the art front, I've been spending some time on the Woodsplitter portrait every afternoon, and also fitting in some sketching. Please look past the shine from the wet paint, and the doofy background that I made up because I didn't like where he was actually standing. (One lesson in this: use a photo reference for an alternative background instead of making one up.).

detail from work currently in progress

The shots from the version that I set aside and was certain that the computer deep-sixed the other day turned up in a file.

My woodsplitter's other body parts...those, you don't want to see.

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