Sunday, November 4, 2012

Portrait Struggles and More

I am hesitant to post my progress on the portrait of The Woodsplitter. I'm on my second version after the watercolor sketch, and in this version (not shown) he is decidedly apoplectic. (Sorry, apoplexy sufferers. I'm not hating on you. Only on my skills at painting a likeness.)

Yesterday, to take a break from painting, I wandered down to the Greenwich Library, where painter Leslie Peck is having a show of her recent work. Feast your eyes on her light-filled depictions of the people, animals, products and machinery of our upstate agrarian community. She's amazing.

I'll just partake of a little feast, though, so I can get back to fixing the mess on my drawing board.


  1. I have recently developed a HUGE appreciation for portrait artist. Theirs is no easy work and I would much prefer to render imaginative subjects than real subjects because no one can then hold you accountable to terms like "likeness".