Saturday, November 24, 2012

Inspirational Illustration

Illustrations are everywhere, for certain: amusing us, enticing us to purchase, or to read, or to be safe or to have fun.
Hudson Valley Seed Library, in Accord, New York,
employs unique and creative illustration to urge us to
grow heirloom plants. 
 Beautifully blending art and science.
(Watch right to the end!)

And then feast your eyes on their catalog:
HVSL Seed Packets  
I'm normally a cheapskate, buying vegetable seeds from the "country living" store down the road, or from the hardware store, or from Johnny's. But at only $3.75 a pop, heirloom seeds (more flavorful vegetables) AND outrageously beautiful artwork?!?  
I am designing my heirloom garden right now. 

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