Sunday, November 18, 2012

Further Splitter Progress Plus

I present to you "The Woodsplitter," nearing completion--or nearing removal to a deep, deep closet.

An alternative title might be "The Magic Fence." Those vertical hunks of wood are not supported by any kind of horizontal bracing. Better fix that! And I'd better mess up Handsome's shirt a bit, because he attracts dirt like a supermagnet, and I don't see him this clean except at family weddings or when stepping out of the shower. 

Here's another view of the painting...

...which shows another current project of mine. Stage props! The mess on the right will become the uberplump turkey that Scrooge brings to the Cratchett family after his night of revelations.


  1. Great improvement from the previous version on the skin tones! In fact, I think everything in the foreground is good-to-go.

    But the verdict is not out for me on the background. Normally, I would cringe at the thought of such equal amounts of red hue at the top and green hue at the bottom ... but maybe it works here? We all know there are times to follow the rules and time to break the rules.

    It does no good to critique the background without giving a viable alternative, so maybe the only other thing to consider is painting within a narrower color gamut. For more info, see this link:

  2. Thanks for the Gamut link! I've been looking for such a thing. It will certainly help nudge me in the right direction.