Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Right Tools

Handsome swears by obtaining and using the Right Tools for The Job. To this end, we own a whole bunch of Right Tools: from single-purpose screwdrivers through the Shopsmith, the bale wrapper and the tractors and wagons necessary for using that.

But I purchased a couple of more interesting Right Tools this week. It was on the sage advice of a couple of very skilled illustrators, Kim, of the Twirling Dragon, and Brian, of B2Illustration, that I try some oil-based pencils. I ordered up an Indian red and a white, and also a dark red and a white in the Carb Othello pastel (not oil) pencil line. And then since I needed something toned to color on, I ordered the Strathmore Recycled Toned Sketch pad, in tan. 

The Blick box was on the porch with the Saturday morning mail, and I was eager to play!

Here's the result of my first session with the Lyra-Rembrandt premium oil-based colored pencils.
She's based on one of those photos from Vogue that I like so well. Since I'm encouraged with the results, I'm moving on to photos of Real People I Know, and to Real People From Life, if I can talk anyone into it!

Thank you, thank you, Brian and Kim! And Lyra-Rembrandt.


  1. Wow, off to a really good start with your new pencils!

    1. Thanks, Brian. If only today's attempt was going as well...I'm going to keep struggling with it.