Monday, October 29, 2012

Color Sketch before the Storm

Just a quick post--an update of painting progress--before Sandy knocks out our electricity, internet, trees, etc.

This is a watercolor sketch of Handsome taking a break from splitting firewood. (And a good thing he did split some wood, because if predictions become reality, we will be very glad of our wood stove. On second thought, I'm always very glad for our wood stove.) His head is oddly small and his neck, oddly long. Maybe I was in Fashion Figure mode? But look at those white highlights! I have never used masking fluid before. I quite like it.

Nope--I didn't ask him to pose with his hands behind his back so I wouldn't have to paint them. That's just how he was standing when I surprised him with my camera.

I have roughed-in a modified version of this on canvas, and I'll be posting progress shots of the oil painting of "The Woodsplitter." Power permitting. So far, Hurricane Sandy is a bunch of wind gusts and a light sprinkling of rain, but it's only 5:00 pm as I write this, and the brunt of the storm is supposed to hit later tonight, through the night, and into tomorrow morning. We shall see.

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