Monday, September 10, 2012

Is that a Monkey in your pants, or...

It's not every day that I laugh out loud while listening to NPR on the way home from school at noon. (Noon, you ask? Yes. Our school has done some slashing in the arts department, and elsewhere.)

BBC News comes on right after Joe Donahue finishes up his Roundtable. After a couple of world news stories, they reported that some men had been arrested in India, at an airport, after airline personnel noticed bulges in their pants. Really. The men were searched, and found to have monkeys in their pants. As in MONKEYS, albeit small ones, IN THEIR UNDERWEAR

Apparently, this is not a new phenomenon. Apparently, they were not the first to attempt profitable rare animal smuggling.

I will file this away in my brain for when things get really tight. 
In my pants. Just kidding!

My 100th post is next, and it's not going to be about monkeys in underpants.

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