Saturday, September 8, 2012

In Between the Other Stuff

Here's some recent fun, which wasn't fun at all.

We were in need of a coffee pot. Although I cringe at the environmental waste produced by throwing away all of those little K-cups, I have to admit, the best tasting home-brewed coffees I've had of late come from those Keurig coffee makers. And you can use regular ground coffee in them, with some kind of adapter, right? I could  purchase yet another $15 drip Mr. Coffee that I'll have to replace in a year or two...or I could rationalize spending a prohibitive amount of money that I kind of don't have on a Keurig thing that will last and last...OR...I could find a used Keurig on Craigslist!

What a great idea! 

Except that you get what you pay for.

We almost thought Handsome had it working at one point, after disassembling it and tweaking this and that, and I was considering it my Steampunk coffee maker--with all of the exposed tubing and electrical elements--but now if it's my Steampunk anything, it's my Steampunk doorstop.

Yes, you get what you pay for. And it might be a good idea to ask for a demonstration of an item, before you hand over the cash and drive away. Or to just stay home and draw!

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