Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Difference Between Men and Women, Part II

The September Issue of Vogue--Lady Gaga cover--was indeed in my mailbox when I got back to my City Home after a few days at the farm, so it was time to follow up on the "What Makes a Man's Face Different from a Woman's Face" hypothesis from my previous post.

However, the cover photo of Gaga was a full-figure view, so I went inside, to page 282, to find a full-face view. Here she is, in full face "Olympic swim racer cap" mode (which nicely served to take hairstyle differences out of the equation):

I set about making a pencil sketch of the portrait, making the subtle alterations in reverse from the way I sketched the "man" from a woman in my previous post. Here "she" is, with those alterations:

1. longer face/head
2. proportionally smaller features
3. indication of Adam's apple
4. less white eye highlight "sparkle"
and a couple of others, not noted in the last post:
5. less-groomed eyebrows
6. fewer, shorter eye lashes, and I left off the eye shadow.

I'm not sure if it looks more like a man or a woman, and he'd never have been the art director's choice to model for The Marlboro Man, but he/she does look more manly than the Lady Gaga photographic portrait. I don't think men generally pose with their mouths in that slightly open, "take me, take me now" fashion, though. Thumbing through Vogue, the pose almost seems de rigueur for women. 

All-in-all, a fun exercise, with some points to keep in mind when drawing portraits.

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  1. Post posting, I did go back and add some more "ear bulk" to this "guy." Now he looks a little less alien and a little more Water Polo Player!