Friday, August 24, 2012

"Bright Ideas" for Back-to-School Time

I love summer. Time to do everything I can or don't get to from September through June, and blessed, blessed warmth.*
*Raynaud's Disease is one of my autoimmune conditions. My fingers become frozen and numb (but if they're numb, why do they hurt...) as soon as the temperature plummets south of sixty degrees. I should probably live in a kinder climate.

However, the newspaper has once again made me aware that the blissful season is near its end, because...

"Back to School!" ads are here. 
And there. 
And everywhere. 

Offering smart students smart savings on products that are necessary for getting the most out of the school year.

Previously noted silly ones, like this, and then, this weekend:

Yes! More indispensable items that clever students would be wise to stock up on for the fall. Just imagine how much more learning could go on if you weren't distracted by your under-wires! Imagine being able to focus on the twelfth century literature lecture instead of that single, omnipresent, chin hair! Elementary students would surely score higher on their standardized tests if they could relax, knowing that their Glitter Tattoos would shimmer on for a full 7 days! 

I suppose "Back to School" is as good a reason to go out and buy teeth whitener as "Presidents' Day" is a good reason to go out and buy a new car. 

My first official day back is September 4th. I sure hope that the Boom Cube gets here in time.

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  1. Sophia Grace and face hurts from the smilin'!