Friday, August 10, 2012

A Sewn Disaster

I took a 2 day break from fine arts experimentation to dabble in the applied arts: couture sewing. (I'm not sure of the exact definition of "couture," but I'm sure someone will tell me.) 

I need something dressy to wear to Gideon's wedding next month, and I had originally purchased a flimsy, satin-y, cobalt blue halter dress. It looks OK; it hangs in my closet.

Then, about a week ago, I went to an outside, evening event, and in order to be warm enough and comfortable, I wore a long sleeved dress. As soon as the sun went down, I had to top it off with a sweater. It became clear that I needed to modify my plans for wedding attire. After the sun goes down in Mid-September will simply not be warm enough for the flimsy halter dress.

But, feeling the need to economize (and having already bought one dress that's going to get zero wear) I decided to sew a dress.  

The Pattern

 Possibly a leftover from 1985. 
But it looked good in the sketches on the envelope!

Sewn, but with basting stitches still in and no zipper, 
yet (or maybe, ever.)
 Ugliest Dress Ever! On, it looks like pajamas. Or worse, like UGLY pajamas stretched too tight across broad shoulders 
with the bust place hanging saggy-baggy and 
way-too-roomy-empty over my


And what am I going to wear to the wedding?

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