Monday, July 9, 2012

Sketchbook Saturday, Stockbridge Sunday

Saturday, I sketched Handsome out in a lounge chair, reading. The valley of my sketchbook is not really black. You can't tell by my sketch, but he really was wearing shorts.

Sunday, we made it to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. I'd been there years ago, but I had been wanting to go this summer, to see the Howard Pyle Exhibit. 

It was great.

I highly recommend this excursion: a perfect sized art museum in that you can take your time, feel that you really saw the place, in one afternoon. And taking a break for some scrumptious Red Lion Inn sandwiches and salads out on the terrace fortifies you for going back in for a second look at all of the pieces that...require a Second Look.

Pyle's illustrations have always prompted me to go take that Second Look. His facility with paint application blows me away, but as I walked through the exhibit, I kept noticing how well-designed his paintings and illustrations were. 

I'm going to try to think about design more in my own work. I tend to either think about design (for posters, black and white logos, etc) OR painting, and I really need to start doing thumbnails, sketches, values studies, and thinking design for a painting BEFORE I sit down with the paint tubes. 

Later, after the short walk through the lawn to Norman Rockwell's actual painting studio (which has been moved. His studio was right in the middle of the village, behind his house,) we drove a few miles to Tanglewood, to hear the the Boston Symphony Orchestra . Bernadette Peters sang Broadway tunes after the intermission. The highlight for me was the BSO's encore piece, The Stars and Stripes Forever, conducted by some guy who's mother had donated a lot of money and won him the opportunity. He was fun to watch, but oh, when those piccolos take over in the middle of the piece, WOW.

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