Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pencil Change of Heart

I never liked mechanical pencils. Probably, because of the thin, scratchy line fine-leaded one makes, but maybe because I'm a Luddite. I always liked the nice, soft line of a good, old Ticonderoga yellow school pencil. For a time, I even preferred drawing with those bigmonster flat-leaded carpenters' pencils.
However, I have had a change of heart, and I am enjoying my .7 HB mechanical pencil.
Present Progress on the Vintage Vixen.
I think it's because I don't have a good pencil sharpener at the moment.

On the Writing Front, I have spent some a lot of time formatting Kismet to Smashwords specifications, and this morning, before uploading with Smashwords so that Kismet would be available to Nooks, Kobis, iPads, etc, I eagerly went into my Amazon Bookseller Account to make sure I was done with the three month commitment to sell exclusively with them...and I found that, back in March, I had checked the box "automatically re-up me for another three months when these three months are over" [sic] ARGH!
So. Since I'm stuck with Amazon and only Amazon for the next three months, I've decided to take advantage of their "free" promo thing and offer Kismet for free tomorrow and Tuesday. 

Do click on the box on the top left of the blog, and download a free read for your Fourth of July pleasure! It's a good hot-day-at-the-beach read, and also a good rainy-afternoon-on-the-porch read, so you'll be set, either way. Enjoy!

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