Sunday, July 22, 2012

Adirondack Sketchbook

Back from a week in the mountains, and missing them already, I am trying to catch up on Real Life. And soon, after I clear a week's worth of mail off the kitchen table, I will re-set-up the yellow teapot still life, and attempt the scary: painting the cloth underneath the whole thing. I shudder at the thought!

Here's the beginning of a mini-re-cap of my artsy adventures in the Adirondacks. First day, I tried to sketch the main house at the Rivermede Farm, in Keene Valley:
I've always loved to draw buildings, wished that I could draw trees and the landscape, and met with very, very limited success. Probably Because I don't practice enough. I did several versions of this type of thing that first day, before I got frustrated enough to abandon panoramic-type landscape drawing for still life-type landscape drawing:
This one was a little more fun, a little less "Argh--I can't draw!" 

Tune in again for details of the further artistic adventures of my week as a Safety Officer at a river restoration project in the glorious mountains of New York State.

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