Monday, June 18, 2012

Move on, my Wonky Son opposed to "Carry on, my..."  Nevermind.

A week or so ago, I was tearing my hair out to make a more refined drawing of my son, based on a quick, live sketch. The results were less than extraordinary. See.

I went back to work on it, today, first, using the valuable and helpful suggestion of looking at the two works upside down. That showed me right away that Sketch 2 had a completely different face shape than Sketch 1, and so I did some plastic (as in eraser) surgery to his right cheek. It helped a lot. I've also done some more work on Owen, and here is the result. Kind of...alien.

Certainly lacking the spark of life, and still not right, but at this point, I really would rather start from scratch. Now if only I could get that kid young man to sit for me again.

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