Thursday, June 21, 2012

The local Wise Shopper newspaper hit the mailbox yesterday, and inside: a small press release announcing someone's effort to launch a local Jane Austen Society of North America Chapter! Cassidy and I are intrigued. This, off their website, lists some of the possible activities.

"Members at a local JASNA meeting may discuss an Austen novel, hear a lecture about Austen or the Regency era, or enjoy a tea or Box Hill picnic.  JASNA regions celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday, December 16, with a luncheon, tea, or speaker.  Other activities may include museum and garden tours, English country dancing, and Regency fashion shows.  Regions often host special events, such as scholarly conferences and galas, some of which are open to the public."

This may not strike you as fun, but we've been wishing to find a historical re-enactment group that is not primarily focused on a war. Austen novels and tea parties! Box Hill picnics! (Box Hill?) 

I've got to get started on a Regency outfit.
Photograph from the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection

Ew. I guess it will call for a corset.

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