Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BIG To-Do List: I'm Scattering

Scattering=jumping from one project or essential task to another, and another, and another, before completing the first. 
Yes. I have filled a page with To Dos and skipped around them, beginning to paint the bare wood trim along the edges of our wood stove surround...
Tile, wood, and nifty corrugated aluminum. 
My take on a "restoration hardware" stove surround

 ...and then taking a break from THAT to go over to the gym and exercise. And then coming home to make some pudding* and then cleaning up, showering, dealing with the vestiges of yesterday's medical procedure**, sorting the recycling, looking at the stove surround, and deciding to spend a few minutes at the computer. I really do plan to glue my butt to the computer chair this week (later!) to get done with the final edit on The Way Back, my next enormously-fun-to-read novel (still haven't downloaded Kismet to your computer or Kindle? Get going! You'll like it!) but as I started to say, I am Scattering right now. In fact, I have to get to the library and do some book sorting. 

Maybe I'll finish the painting first.
ADHD? ------which brings me to-------Medical Procedure Day.

**Sjogren's Syndrome, my particular autoimmune illness, does lots of things to my body, inside and out. But lately, I've developed a bright red circle of dryness on my forehead. Already the world's largest forehead (excepting for bald people, I guess,) and ugly to look at on a clear skin day, this 3" diameter circle of crimson really doesn't help my self-esteem any. So I went to the doctor, expecting it was a manifestation of SjS. She sent me to the dermatologist, who I assumed would look at it and say, "You have developed dry skin because you are aging. Put some Oil of Olay on it." But no. This required a biopsy. She took a "punch" of skin and sewed me up with two stitches. Right in the middle of my giant forehead. Or, I should say, my giant forehead with the big red circle, that I am forced to look at in the mirror that I habitually steer clear of, because I have to schmear on some Neosporin and a bandaid. Yes. A bandaid in the middle of my bright red, gigantic forehead. 

*Another SjS problem involves my troubles swallowing food. No saliva, plus some other problems in the throat area, and I am completely unable to swallow without a liquid chaser. Some of my old favorite foods just don't work anymore. My batch of gluten-free muffins: too dry. So I cooked up a batch of white chocolate egg custard and poured it over a sliced muffin to make a little trifle. YUM!

I have clearly gone on way, way too long about my problems. Back to the immediate "problem" of working through that To Do List!

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