Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Word A Day Wednesday + Rituxan Results?

My afternoon looms ahead, a very happy thing, but my ideal ways to spend it are discrepant: Part of me would really like to hunker down with the watercolors and finish my latest CHICKEN illustration, but another part of me would like to get out there and mow the lawn. Of course, once I start making a list of all of the wonderful options (write some Rapunzel, bake some gluten-free brownies, go to the library and shelve books, clean--no. Strike that one!) "research" sounds like the best way to spend my time. Especially when "research" involves reading and looking at pictures and playing around online.

Or I could research some Autoimmune Disease Stuff. Keeping in mind Rituxan Results Research (research?) I have to note that my mouth and other systems seem to be a little less dry than before the infusion. Maybe. Subtly. Mostly, this is based on how often and how desperately I need to sip water, while teaching. Less lately--or is it because the heat is off and it's not so dry in the classroom? I don't feel much change on the tiredness scale.

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