Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mass MoCA!

This is the first building that greeted our eye as Handsome and I pulled up to The Porches, this weekend. The entire side of the building--which I suspect is the shed for a lawnmower, etc, is tiled. So this beauty was glazed ceramic, shiny and cheerful. Welcoming.

I wrote a bit about our stay at The Porches, yesterday.  Or at least, about a couple of their amenities. Suffice it to say, the place is fabulous. Should you ever wish for a weekend getaway and you live in the proximity of North Adams, Massachusetts, go there! Or if you live far away, fly there!

North Adams is the home of the The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Even though my professional life revolves around the visual arts, I'd not rushed the mere hour and a quarter over there, because I'm an old Luddite--and I like art that looks like...something. However, I am SO glad I remedied that situation. Mass MoCA is great. 
 Entering the facility, you look up to see the iconic "Upside Down Trees," which are on most publications about the place. Yeah, yeah, ho hum. Enter, though, and there are marvels to delight the senses. 

And just plain weird stuff, too.

 Mass MoCA is housed in an old factory that used to print on fabric. I have to admit, as much as I appreciated much of the art at the museum, the building and grounds were what I kept admiring most--and what I kept photographing. 

 This is another shot of the facility. Handsome and I were standing on a landing on about the third floor level, and I couldn't resist this shot of the stone walls and the steel cables. I could live here!

Later, we were on our way out, after seeing exhibit after exhibit of interesting, thought provoking and sometimes, just plain weird art, and we went into the former boiler building. TONS of old pipes and boilers in there, and it was even an exhibit. A sound exhibit, because all the pipes made sounds resonate in a beautiful way. I liked the old mechanics, though. Someday, someday, I will amass a collection of old engineering marvels, and I will make things. Interesting, useful things.

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