Monday, May 7, 2012

Old Gizmo, New Life?

This was a busy weekend. More fun than work happened. Yeah! Handsome and I spent some time at a local antiques fair and flea market. Handsome's interest: old woodworking tools (purchase = a big, flat, hatchet thing that he thinks will be useful in making shingles for or future house.) and expensive implements that he can use on the farm (purchase = a big, industrial strength power washer.) 

My hunt was for: small oil cans that I find amongst boxes of junk and buy for mere pennies--must be a real "find" or the challenge isn't there and I don't buy it--(and I didn't. no purchase there) and interesting mechanical or architectural elements that I can remake into furniture or other household items. Here's my weekend purchase:

It's an antique drill press!
All of the parts seem to be there, and all seem to be working, and it has one big, fat drill bit in it. Hardly any rust, moderate grease and dust. (I'm a poet and I don't even know it.)

Now, this "find" could be bolted to a beam and actually used, but I'm brainstorming different ways to incorporate it into...a coffee table? a chair? a lamp? Plant stand seems too easy. It does have great potential though. Right? I would be very, very interested in your ideas. Please!

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