Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun with Markers

Although it pains me to expose myself as a Draftsperson In Need Of Intervention, here's the second-day work on Miss Kittie, my marker on bristol board interpretation of a vintage photographic portrait:

Meh. I pulled out one of her contemporaries. No name on the back, so I dubbed her "Not Kittie."
Not Kittie was a less-exacting illustration, more lines for shadow and contour on the face, but all-in-all, simpler. I like it better, and so I'll try a few more in this direction. One revelation: Sakura Markers! I've always been a Sharpie Girl, love to draw with Sharpies and over the years, the smell's even lost its "sick headache" connotation and I kind of like it. In moderation. But one thing that's always messed up my drawings in Sharpie is the little (or not so little) blobs of ink that happen if I hesitate for even a split second on the paper, and always, at the end of a line. The Sakura markers don't seem to do that. They make a BEAUTIFUL line right where I want it-no blobs. Yay, Sakura! I think they're supposed to be archival, too.

If only my fingers would cooperate, now!

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