Monday, May 21, 2012

4 Reasons to Love Sunday Evening

Sunday night: typically, a mini-mourning, as we all contemplate the end of the weekend and the resumption of another 5 days of work. (Please don't hate on me, folks who have other-than-the-"normal" schedules. I feel for you, too.) However, I've been looking forward to my Sunday evenings lately because it has been the time to get comfortable on the couch and tune in to Mahstapiece Theatah. Even though Downton Abbey is over.

Because of Sherlock! 

I Love Sherlock:

1. Because I've always loved Sherlock. The original Sherlock Holmes stories, that is. As a kid, I gobbled them up along with my Nancy Drew and the Agatha Christie novels. Can I figure it out before the end? As an adult, I read them for the mystery, yes, but also for the comedy. The quirkiness and the--may I say it?--Aspergerness--of the man. The British series Sherlock has that in spades.

2. Because they do adhere to canon. Yes, Conan Doyle didn't include the cell phones and the visualizing-the-inside-of-Sherlock's-mind stuff, but I feel more of the sense of the original watching the British show than, for instance, while watching Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr. Or the old, "Elementary, My Dear Watson" ones, for that matter.

2. Because Sherlock, like other British television programs that I've seen, are rife with people who look like real people. American TV shows are chock full of people who look like Miss America and Ken (as in Barbie and Ken.) The leads are gorgeous. The secondary characters are gorgeous. The bad guys are gorgeous. The blurry extra walking across the road in the distance is gorgeous. It seems like the British producers are more in touch with the rest of us. Is American television a plot masterminded by plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists, personal trainers and hair transplant doctors?*

3. Because...Benedict Cumberbatch! Best. Name. Ever. I wonder if he has a middle name?

4. Because, finally, it's entirely spoof-able. And I fully appreciate this Russian Sherlock Spoof even though I don't understand the language. Except the "elementare."

*Revisit tomorrow, for more on the topic of personal appearance and....

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