Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Word-A-Day Wednesday, PLUS

"Ugh. She has to have colored her hair. Anyone...everyone her age that hasn't, is gray."
"I think she's had Botox or that filler product. Her face is know."
"Ladies, forget about that. Scuttlebutt around the locker room is that she's had LIPOSUCTION."

And on a completely different note, Offspring XX Scholar and I have been interested in becoming reenactors for some time. She's an FIT graduate with lots of interest in historical costuming, and I'm interested in history and fashion, and so to sew up a couple of Regency, Edwardian, or Rev War outfits and get ourselves to a reenactment seems a foregone conclusion.
But what would we do there, aside from walk around looking period and fabulous??? We've tossed around ideas that include XX doing some sewing or other needlework, but we keep coming back to plans wherein I do some kind of artwork. And the most recent plan involved drawing and then painting portrait miniatures, right on the spot, from life, that could then be made into jewelry. Little, dangling likenesses under glass mini-domes. 
THEN American Duchess (see my blogs list) posted her own how-to guide to making mini portrait jewelry out of photos or colored copies and a few other readily available items. Thank you, Duchess! LOTS easier than my percolating plan. This afternoon, I sketched a couple of tiny portraits:

...and experimented with adding some watercolor to both, and a little colored pencil to the one on the left:

The colored pencil looks a little harsh, to me. I'm going to keep messing with this, though, and I'll post some photos when I get some finished products!

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