Saturday, April 21, 2012

Two Birds, One Stone?

An assignment from my chief adviser in my quest to earn an MFA from Main Street Art Academy (that would be me,) was to pad out my illustration portfolio. In trying to accomplish this, I've done some pencil sketches, a pastel, a conte crayon, and some paintings.

A parcel came to the house the other day with a lineup of stamps on it; and one caught my eye because it looked so retro. Like it could have been an engraving from the last century. A serious, 
This Is The United States Postal Service And We Mean Business stamp, unlike some of the stamps they've been putting out lately, with cartoon characters and hearts and flowers....

So I studied the stamp, and then cut a square of bristol board and started designing my own version of it, which also happens to be an advertising piece for my not-exactly-best-seller (yet!) of a Kindle novel. 
Here's the unfinished piece, just a little bit cut-off and skewed to the side. As you can see, rotating something at an angle of indeterminate degree is beyond my computer capabilities.

I hope to finish the piece in the next couple of days.

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