Friday, April 6, 2012

Sketch, Study, Stare, Study, Sketch

Vicious cycles. Lots of life seems to be wrapped around vicious cycles, and the one I'm lately twirling in has to do with trees. Ever since I sat down and spent a block of time staring at and sketching a tree in my backyard, during our week of deliciously warm weather, my eyes are drawn to trees. Sketching anything in any kind of detail results in some serious staring at it; staring becomes studying, and studying becomes interest and the desire to do more sketching.
At least it works that way for me. 
Now I'm riding around, driving around, walking around and really noticing the structure of trees. As a kid, I learned to ID trees by their leaves. As a college student, I learned to ID trees by their leaves, buds, twigs and bark. (Dendrology 101. Once upon a time, I thought I'd be a forest ranger.) Now, I find myself taking in the whole form and structure, and realizing how different the species are. 
So I'm planning to draw some more trees, but I wonder where next the cycle will take me. Constant observation of....
--old vehicles

Cast your vote! I will post the pulchritudinous results of my endeavors!

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