Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Second Guessing Game

Being a woman of supposed maturity, I am now and again asked to offer wise advise, or maybe just to ponder and not actually offer wise advise. And then when I conceptualize a gem, it invariably turns out to be exactly the opposite of what I am practicing at that moment. Case in point: just now, I walked in the door after some YMCA aerobicizing, and the thought ran through my mind that I'd like to sit down and read for an hour. Then my little angel/devil of a conscience said, "That would be indulgent--you need to do something worthwhile."

To which the other angel/devil of a conscience replied, "What could be better for you than to read some well-crafted prose? The WISE thing to do is not always the WORKTASTIC thing to do, and sitting down for an hour to read is wiser, in the long run, than spazzing about 'wasting time' and 'not getting work done.'"

It does happen again and again, too. But being a doofus, the other examples just flew out of my mi...THERE IT IS! "I'm a doofus because I forgot a thought," v. "It is wiser to believe in yourself than to knock yourself for being human and having frailties."

I'll try.

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