Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rituxan Part Two: a rather boring post

Reflecting upon the week that was, I once again marveled that the four day school week felt just like the five day school week. Fridays off are so much better than Mondays off. Why? Because it's just going along like usual, and then SURPRISE a free day. Kind of like when Offspring XY Physicist was born almost a month early. Expecting another month of pregnancy (which wasn't the joyous, super healthy time for me that is reported to be for some) and then SURPRISE it's over! = SWEET. (Note: and Offspring XY Physicist wasn't so early as to be endangered or even need respiratory assistance. Just a day of incubation.)

Thinking about my Monday "off" reminded me to be watching for any signs that this round of Rituxan made any difference. A week after the second treatment: no, but the doctor has told me that it takes a couple of months to go into effect. It's going to be a bit difficult to notice if the effect, in two months, has been anything at all, because in approximately two months, school, and hours of talking, talking, talking will be eliminated and hence my mouth dryness will naturally be diminished, ditto for general tiredness. I'll try to make note, though. 

Punctal plugs along with Restasis have really made a difference with my eye dryness issues. Not one case of pinkeye this winter! Or maybe that was the Rituxan? Guess I'll just keep doing it all.

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