Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Gosh. I get more into Valentine's Day than Thanksgiving, and way, way more than what I consider the top idiotic "holiday" of the year, Halloween. Not for the grand gesture bit, although Handsome does a very nice job of that--box of roses on the porch when I got home from work, box of Peeps with a slashed cellophane wrapper so they are at the proper staleness, card.... I just get happy at the idea of a day when love rules. When you can say "I love you" or a version of that to people whom you may not normally say it to, like your students.

As for my to-do list of the other day...Hmm. I have made one bulletin board, and it came out rather well. Don't quite have plans for mounting it, though. Made the cookies I am bringing in for the junior high honors chipwich afternoon. Ran my two miles. And the quilt has made it from the dining room table to the kitchen table, right next to the sewing machine. 

Now for that binding. Stalling=scared to flub it up.

Maybe tonight I'll do a little editing.


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  2. You tell your students you love them? Really?

    There are some people who love Halloween most of all the holidays. I learned this at Yankee Candle.

    I found a blog today I think you'd like! American Miniature Portraits. I found it while searching for Albanians - there's a post on a miniature of Ann Dunkin Van Rensselaer - but you have to scroll down and see the one on an Ethel Frances Mundy wax portrait.