Monday, February 20, 2012

Extreme Long Shot--But I Have To TRY!

Back from the gym and my two mile plod, cup of coffee in hand, I sat down at the table to sort through the couple of newspaper sections that I didn't finish, yesterday. The unimportant ones, like Sports, Classifieds. Thought I'd see what jobs might be good fits for Offspring XX Scholar, and...Holy Moly! SUNY Delhi (where I am destined to live, sooner or later) is advertising for a

Faculty Member in the Art Department!

And then it even got a bit better, because I looked at their online catalog, expecting Fall 2012 courses in things like Advanced Computer Animation for Advanced Techno-Loving Advanced Students, and here's what they are offering: Ceramics, Freehand Drawing, Drawing, Painting. Oh. My. Specialties.

Little hitch in that they want someone with years of college teaching experience. Just a little hitch that will probably make my application hit the circular file faster than I can come up with a reason to procrastinate sending out my application, if that makes any sense....

Got to try, though!

1 comment:

  1. Done! Letter of Intent, Resume, List of References, all sent along to Delhi! I wonder if I should have sent transcripts?
    Call me PROFESSOR Frisbee.