Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Done, Done, Doing

Sewing project...Done! Photographed, folded, and practically put away. Until it will be gifted....

Some schoolwork paperwork finished.

Application for dream job (Or is it? Would mean a move, a To Sell Or Not To Sell over my house, living in a colder climate than this cold climate, and some other concerns) completed and sent in. 

There are still a couple of items on my To Do list, and play practice the next couple of nights, but for now, I'm having a little reading break. And sketching! My portfolio is in a crazy-messy state with outdated crappy drawings and IF I get The Interview, I really need to blow them away with my skill. So it looks like some ART is going to have to take place these next few days--Here I kid myself--next few WEEKS, these things don't go down quickly, because if and when (No! WHEN!) I get called for an interview, I want to have tons of great looking, current-ability drawings, paintings, and the like all neatly bound and show-off-y.

WHEN! (Do I sound a little spastic?)

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